What is Cross Processing?

Cross Processing is a blog that believes in the importance of the biblical Christian faith, the arts, and thoughtful discussion about humanity’s creations, imagers as we are. We believe that it’s high time that Christians start thinking critically about the art that we consume, bringing every thought displayed in some way, shape, or form, captive to the obedience of Christ. CP posts are written by biblical Christians to fellow professing believers. There’s an uncountable number of ungodly and irreverent philosophies in the marketplace of ideas that art studios adopt and promote to the masses, and being the fallen beings we are, we tend to assimilate these ideas into our own worldviews. Instead of twisting the Scriptures to confirm the false messages our hearts sometimes fall in love with, we believe that the Word will always have the authority, accuracy, and final say on what is truly real, and what we’re really experiencing in our lives.

Of course, this isn’t to say that all art and artists exist solely to lie to us. Cross Processing is also about praising the truth - God’s truth - in the works that we process, and we plan on doing that more often than not. One will find plenty of negativity and unconstructive critiques outside of the pages of this blog, and the last thing we want to do is add to that noise. At CP, you can expect at least one thoughtful essay in your inbox per week that we hope edifies you and strengthens your faith.

What can I expect to process with CP?

All types of our culture’s most popular art forms can and may be addressed. Expect to see think pieces, reviews, and analyses on things like filmmaking (movies / TV shows), books, music, paintings, video games, comics, photography, advertisements, and more.

How can I stay up-to-date with CP?

Along with accessing our blog directly, we designed Cross Processing to connect with our readers directly via email newsletter format. If you subscribe to CP, you will get all our posts delivered directly into your chosen email inbox. This means you will not have to go searching on endless, algorithm-driven social media feeds to find our content. Once published, our posts will immediately be sent out and will soon be in your own email “library” to read and file away. You won’t have to worry about missing anything!

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When can I expect new posts from CP?

The current plan is for one post per week. As time allows for our writers, there may be weeks where there will be an extra post or two published to the blog.

May I comment on CP posts?

Of course! We believe we all need to process our faith and the arts we interact with on a regular basis. We also believe that we all have a uniqueness regarding how we personally interact with the Trinity, and we also know that we all approach art in different ways. The comments will always be open for readers who feel compelled to engage our posts lovingly, respectfully and reasonably. Along with removing spam and advertisement comments, we reserve the right to delete any comment that we feel isn’t conducive to discussion or isn’t respectful towards ourselves, other commentators, or post subjects.

Can I write for CP?

Currently, writers for CP will be chosen on an invite-only process. We may open up for public submissions in the future.

Is there a way I can interact with like-minded Christians about the arts outside of this blog?

We know it may be lonely out there for discerning biblical Christians in the realm of the arts, not to mention how social media strives to make discussion as confusing and hard to maintain as possible with groups and hashtags. In the very near future, we will be releasing a Cross Processing community Discord channel for our readers to interact about the Christian faith and all kinds of art in a purposeful way. More information about this exciting supplement is coming soon!